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Single Vision HD Vision Rx

Advanced technology, greater comfort, and eye health protection at a great value.

Single Vision HD Vision Rx lenses utilize advanced technology to bring your patients better vision and more cosmetically appealing lenses. Wearers expect clear, effortless vision when they look in all directions through their lens, plus, they need the benefits a blue-violet light filtering anti-reflective affords.

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Avoid compromise

Approcimately 70% of eyeglass wearers have correction for astigmatism.

  • Around 50% of these wearers have corrections with over 0.50 D of cyl power
  • Conventional single vision lenses have optical and cosmetic limitations increasing with higher powers

Have you heard this from your patients?

“I wish my lenses don’t change too much the size and appearance of my eyes”


“I need a good vision in every direction of sight, not only in the center of my lenses”


“I want thinner and flatter lenses, providing me with perfect vision”


“I expect most products I buy to incorporate new technology”

Better vision for all prescriptions

Single Vision HD lenses consistently deliver larger areas of clear vision in comparison to spherical best form and aspheric lens designs. This means that all wearers will experience up to 30% wider fields of view - especially the 70% of wearers with astigmatism.


SV HD Vision Rx
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