ZEISS BlueProtector

Reduce overexposure to potentially harmful blue-violet light. ZEISS HD, Youth Blue, and HD Vision Rx


Protection from potentially harmful high energy visible (HEV) blue-violet light.

Blue-Violet is a portion of the visible spectrum known as High Energy Visible Light (HEV). HEV is light with wavelengths between 390-500 nm.  Scientific evidence has indicated there are benefits to HEV exposure, but there are potential risks as well. This is known as the ‘Dualism’ of blue light. 

The sun is the main source of HEV, but sources are also found indoors. Many modern bulbs, such as flourescent and LED bulbs, as well as all digital screens emit Blue-Violet light.

Positive Effects of Blue Light

  • Blue light between 470 and 480 nm influences melatonin secretion to regulate the internal “clock.” (Circadian Rhythm)
  • Blue light (provided during daylight) blocks production of melatonin which boosts our mood, alertness, and memory function.

Negative Effects of Blue Light

Some research has indicated that Blue-Violet light may lead to damage to the retinal cells

  • Overexposure to blue-violet light can also cause headaches and eye strain.
  • Viewing digital devices at night can disrupt the brain’s production of melatonin, causing sleep disturbances and a dysfunction of the natural circadian rhythm.
Blue-Light Spectrum image

Our Goal

To block the wavelengths of blue light  that potentially cause harm, below 440 nm, to reduce the potential eye health concerns, and ensure transmission of  beneficial blue light above 460 nm to avoid disruptions to important biological and physiological functions.

ZEISS Blue-Violet Light Solution

With distinct properties to reduce overexposure to the potentially harmful wavelengths of HEV shorter than 440 nmwhile keeping the transmission level above 460 nm (regulation of the Circadian Rhythm)

  • Front surface reflects approximately 20% of high energy visible light, reducing overexposure. The bluish-violet appearance is the portion of the visible light spectrum that is not being transmitted to the eye.
  • The back surface is optimized to minimized reflections backwards to the eye. It shows a bluish residual reflection.

The blue-violet and the bluish rest reflex fit nicely together without compromising cosmetic appearance


Superior Scratch Resistance

ZEISS Platinum BlueProtector employs industry leading technology to produce one of the strongest coatings on the market.

An ion-assist AR coating process and a dipped hard coat provide unbeatable dual-sided protection.


Easy to Clean

A hydrophobic layer to repel water and oleophobic layer to repels oils create a super-slick surface to make lenses easier to clean. These coatings are a perfect compliment to the ZEISS family of cleaning products. 


Stay Clean Longer

Lenses stay clean longer with an anti-static later to repel dirt and dust.

For more information, click the image to download the technical white paper:


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