The Technology Behind
Velocity Self-Tinting Lenses

If you wish to demonstrate the reaction of Velocity lenses to the patient you will need to take the lenses outside. Do NOT use light boxes from other manufacturers as this will  temporarily distort the color of the lens.


  • Up to 20% faster to darken, and up to 2X as fast to fade as the leading competitor*


  • Clear Indoors
  • Sunglass dark outdoors
  • Fashionable gray and brown tints


  • 100% protection against UV rays at all stages of activation


  • Available with ZEISS Platinum Finish
  • Can easily be cared for with ZEISS cleaning solutions
  • Superior scratch resistance 


  • ZEISS Experience HD Lenses- Poly and 1.67
  • NL ZEISS and ZEISS SV- Poly and 1.67
  • SOLA Elan- Pastic and Poly
Zeiss - 224

The Velocity difference

Molecules that are more sensitive to changing light conditions
Improved spacing for consistent color and rapid changes 

Benefit to your patient:
Faster to dark
Faster to clear

Zeiss - 223

The Velocity difference

A more durable hard coat protects self-tinting molecules
On 1.67 almost 6X the scratch resistance*
On Poly, almost 12X the scratch resistance*

Benefit to your patient:
Lenses with less scratches
Lenses that are made to last

*Compared to a standard, uncoated plastic lens

Zeiss - 226

The Velocity difference

For you:
Photochromic molecules, molecules that change color in light, reconfigure when UV light is present to block UV rays
For your patient:
Comfort from the glare of the sun
100% UV protection at all stages of activation


The Next Generation of Self-Tinting Lenses

Fast dark. Fast clear. Self-tinting lenses by ZEISS. Whether in the sun or indoors: 24 hours of excellent vision with Velocity self-tinting lenses.


Protection from blue light (HEV) with Velocity Brown

What is high-energy visible light (HEV)?

A portion of the blue visible light spectrum that helps regulate sleep. Recently, it has also been linked to retinal diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration. The majority of blue light comes from the sun, but some digital devices also emit it.

How can Velocity Brown help?

The highest concentration of HEV comes from the sun and activated Velocity lenses will block 85%. Unactivated lenses will also block 15% indoors as well, without distorting colors as other blue-blocking ARs do.

Velocity brown is a warm, dark color and may appear gray on first glance. To ensure lenses are brown, take outside on a white background with gray lenses. Click here for picture of gray and brown Velocity.

* Average performance. Preformance will vary by material, temperature and light conditions

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