The Technology Behind
ZEISS Single Vision HD2

Always include an OC Height and Monocular PD
As polishing lens edges can create aberrations and reflections in some cases, it will not be added automatically. It can always be added if the patient prefers it.


  • Digital Back Surfacing

  • The most sophisticated lens designs


  • Up to 30% larger fields of clear vision

  • Optimization for each patient’s prescription


  • Precise digital surfacing to 1/1000th of a mm

  • Advanced accuracy produces brilliant, more vivid colors


  • Available with ZEISS Velocity Self-Tinting Technology

  • Available in Gray and Brown (High-energy blue light blocker)
  • Includes ZEISS Platinum Finish


  • Advanced ray-tracing digital surfacing for the position of wear

  • Exceptional optics and a flatter lens from base curve optimization and back-side surfacing

More Lens Options

  • More lens options to meet your patient's lifestyle needs

  • Available with Platinum Blue Light Protector, Velocity and Polarized

Up to 30% larger fields of clear vision

Prescription Optimization

With ZEISS SV HD2, single-vision wearers can also enjoy the visual benefits associated with real-time optical optimization for their specific prescription requirements. Once again, variable asphericity is applied at hundreds of points over the entire lens design, immediately prior to fabrication using precision free-form surfacing, in order to virtually eliminate the optical power errors that result from oblique astigmatism during peripheral (off-axis) vision. Wearers will experience the doctor’s specified prescription over more of the lens, resulting in wider, clearer fields of vision with better binocularity.

Avoid Compromise

A powerful optical design engine dynamically manipulates the lens design in real time using computer ray tracing and mathematical optimization algorithms. This allows the applications of independent aspheric optical corrections to hundreds of points over the lens in order to ensure that the intended optical performance is preserved across the entire prescription.

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