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ZEISS Experience HD2 Progressive Lenses

Focus on what matters. See every detail.

ZEISS Experience HD2 Progressives

ZEISS Experience HD2 lenses deliver better vision because they are made just for you! Unlike ordinary progressive lenses, ZEISS Experience HD2 lenses are created specifically for your prescription and the frame you choose. Ordinary progressive lenses can only provide optimal performance for a limited number of prescriptions and frame choices. ZEISS Experience HD2 creates a unique design just for your prescription, so you’ll get a clearer and wider view of your world.


  • Patented Digital Back Surfacing*  to 1/100 of a diopter accuracy
  • Advanced ray-tracing digital surfacing for the position of wear
    • Customized base curve selection for thinner flatter lenses with superior optics. 


  • FrameFit+ technology for optimized reading area
  • Corridor is customized for each patient's fitting height


  • Greater comfort when viewing print or digital devices
  • Optimal performance for smartphones, tablets and the printed page


  • More lens options to meet your patient's lifestyle needs.
  • Available with Platinum Blue Light Protector, Velocity, and Polarized

Up to 38% larger fields of clear vision

Patented Full Back-Side Surfacing*

All ZEISS freeform progressive lenses utilize patented backside progressive optical designs. The prescription and the progressive design are surfaced on the back-side of the lens. This reduces the chance of misalignment between front and back surfaces. The “keyhole effect” is also reduced by bringing the optics closer to the eye, producing wider fields of clear vision.

Optics matched to your frame

ZEISS Experience HD2 unleashes the power of full frame trace customization. New FrameFit+ Technology adapts the length of the corridor, and optimizes the near point for any frame size and shape.  FrameFit+ Technology provides consistent performance across all frame styles, and visual demands by shifting the design to maintain the volume of reading space.  In other words, the near zone will literally be molded to fit each frame. FrameFit+ Technology is especially useful with narrow or wide PDs, where the the pupil does not fall in line with the deepest part of the frame. 

With FrameFit+ Technology

Takes into account the full frame trace, lens size and shape, to avoid cut-outs of the near zone. With FrameFit+ technology we are able to digitize the measurements of the whole frame and then re-distribute the design of the progressive based on the frame shape and PD.

Without FrameFit+ Technology

Progressive lenses with fixed corridor lengths cannot adapt to many popular frame shapes

Wider Viewing Zones

Aside from enhanced design features, ZEISS Experience HD2 benefits from the latest progressive design philosophies.  An increased width to the funnel entering the progressive zone allows for a smoother transition.  The design delivers less distortion above the 180 line and a smoother more comfortable periphery, all while achieving a wider intermediate 

The true highlight of the new design is the higher wider reading area.  Digital devices are key to our daily life, and these devices are held even closer than the printed page.  This demands a progressive with a higher, wider reading area for more comfort.  Patients will find this delivers optimal performance for smartphones and tablets, but also printed books and newspapers. 

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