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What is Blue-Violet Light?

Blue-Violet is a portion of the visible spectrum known as High Energy Visible Light (HEV). HEV is light with wavelengths between 390-500 nm.  Scientific evidence has indicated there are benefits to HEV exposure, but there are potential risks as well. This is known as the ‘Dualism’ of blue light. 

The sun is the main source of HEV, but sources are also found indoors. Many modern bulbs, such as flourescent and LED bulbs, as well as all digital screens emit Blue-Violet light.

The Solution: ZEISS Platinum Blue Protector

ZEISS Platinum Blue Protector blocks the wavelengths of blue-violet light that potentially causes harm to reduce potential eye health concerns and discomfort, and ensures transmission of  beneficial blue light to avoid disruptions to important biological and physiological functions. 


What is Freeform technology?

Freeform lenses, often called digitally surfaced lenses, are lenses that are produced on equipment that utilizes specialized software and tools to manufacture more optically precise lenses. Digital refers to the use of the specialized software, while the term surfacing refers to the process of shaping the patient's prescription into a lens. ZEISS takes this process a step further by using a starting material that is FREE of any design, hence why we use the term freeform. ZEISS freeform technology is unique because both the prescription and the lens design are surfaced on the back of the lens. This puts all of the optics closer to the eye, increasing field of view and reducing distortion. 

How does this benefit my patients?

Freeform surfacing gives your patients lenses with wider fields of view and sharper vision, regardless of their prescription. New technologies allow lenses to be customized to the patient's prescription and frame fit 

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