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Fitting and Dispensing

Best practices for fitting and dispensing modern progressive and single vision lenses.

Fitting Modern Lenses

ZEISS freeform lenses take the guess work out of fitting. ZEISS technology personalizes every lens to the patient's frame and the fit of the frame. All we need is an accurate PD and ocular center for single vision lenses and seg height for progressive lenses. ZEISS lenses do not require lowering or raising of seg heights, simply mark and measure from pupil center to the deepest margin of the frame.

Watch the video for more tips on fitting ZEISS freeform lenses.

Understanding Prism in Lenses

By Darryl Meister

A guide on prism and what it means to your patients. Includes information on the definition of prism, the purpose of prescribing prism, prismatic effects, identifying prism in lenses, and ANSI tolerances.

Understanding Prism in Lenses

Fine Tuning Vision

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